Insulated Shipping Container Sydney

Every business that deals with products that are temperature-sensitive such as pharmaceuticals, foods, chemical and biological materials, cannot operate without space to preserve them. That is why they will make use of insulated containers. Our company specialises in building and renting such items.

If you are running a restaurant, medical company or a business that deals with hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, you can rely on us to provide you with these types of containers for an accommodating price. Whether you would like to hire them for a certain period or make a purchase, we guarantee to be your dependable partner.

With rich experience in manufacturing and supplying various kinds of containers, we have created a trading network all around the world. Our experts work tirelessly to help our clients get exactly what they were looking for – from hi cubes and dry bulk cargo to flat rack platforms and much more.

ISO Tank Containers

The best option to ship and preserve liquid materials are tank containers. Our manufacturers make sure that these products meet international ISO standards, so you can expect nothing less than excellence. They are cost-effective in comparison to fixed or transportation and road tankers and hold International Design approvals.

Each of these tanks can be equipped with insulation, electric heating or refrigeration. They can also come with various modifications like top or bottom discharge, safety frames and others. And, in case you need some additional equipment, you can always contact our representatives to check if our offer includes it.

Our designers do their best to customise containers according to your requests. They will pay attention to every detail, from the dimensions of the product to its colour, and not a thing will be left to chance. Each item goes through meticulous quality control before even considering releasing it in the market. Whether you are shipping some sensitive material overseas or just storing it for a certain period, you can be sure that it will be kept in a safe place.

Premium Quality Materials

Depending on the type, insulated containers can be built of various materials. However, we make sure that our products are made of top quality supplies. For instance, our ISO tanks are made of 316 and 304 stainless steel, which makes them easy to maintain.

Still, insulation panels can be included in other of our products, such as half-height, tautliner and waste containers. We make sure each of them is waterproof and with all of the amenities used for temperature control. This way their content will stay unmodified for as long as you want.

In case you are buying or renting one of our containers for the first time, we suggest getting in touch with our representatives. That way you can learn more about our offer and insulation in particular, and also get the advice on the type of container that will be the most suitable for your usage.

Book for Insulated Shipping Container Today

If you are looking to book a purchase or rent an insulated container, do not hesitate to get in touch with our representatives. You can do so by dialling any of the phone numbers you will find on our website. Or, in case you find it easier, there is also an option to fill out the online form.

For additional information about the characteristics of our new or used products, manufacturing process and rental requirements, feel free to contact our customer support at any time. Our team is at your disposal Mondays through Fridays. Still, we encourage you to send us an email and you can expect our response shortly afterwards.

Length Width Height  
Container Size Exterior Interior Exterior Interior Door Opening Exterior Interior Door Opening Cubic Capacity Approx. empty weight in KG's
6ft 1825 1670 1945 1875 1865 1920 1730 1620 5.45 600
8ft 2435 2280 2200 2100 2090 2260 2150 1950 9.95 900
10ft 2980 2830 2438 2350 2330 2591 2385 2285 16 1250
10ft Hi Cube 2980 2830 2438 2350 2330 2891 2685 2585 18 1350
20ft Standard 6058 5880 2438 2350 2330 2591 2385 2285 33.1 2100-2400
20ft Hi Cube 6058 5880 2438 2350 2330 2891 2685 2585 37.4 2300-2600
20ft Palletwide Hi Cube 6058 5880 2500 2420 2400 2891 2685 2585 38.8 2550-2850
40ft Standard 12192 12015 2438 2350 2330 2591 2385 2285 67.7 3500-4000
40ft Hi Cube 12192 12015 2438 2350 2330 2896 2685 2585 76.2 3700-4200
40ft Palletwide Hi Cube 12192 12015 2500 2420 2400 2896 2685 2585 78.8 3800-4400