The truck will either drive or reverse into position. The tray of the truck will lift up them slide back (similar to a tip truck) until the back corner of the container is on the ground. As the truck drives forward the container remains stationary. The container slides down the tray of the truck as it drives forward until it is clear from under the container. The vehicle in these photos is able to deliver/pick up a single 20’ container. A semi trailer tilt tray can deliver/pick up 1 x 40’ container or 2 x 20’ containers at once in the same manner.

Pick Up

When it comes time to pick the container up the process is reversed. The truck will back up just short of the container, the tray will lift up & slide back until the back corner of the tray is positioned against the front bottom corner of the container (Picture 2). Chains are put through the corner castings and connected to a winch at the front of the tray. As the winch pulls the container the truck tends to be pulled under the container (truck is out of gear and handbrake off) rather than the container being pulled up the tray. The container usually drags forward approx. 30cm. Once the container is halfway onto the truck, the tray if them lowered (picture 4), lifting the container off the ground. The container is then winched on the rest of the way then secured for transport. A 40’ container is picked in the same manner.

There are several points that need to be considered when using this type of truck for delivery:

The height of the container while on the truck is 4.2m. You need to allow at least this height when going under powerlines/trees, eves of houses/factories or through doorways.

Even though the container is 2.44m wide, the truck & mirrors etc. needs an opening of at least 2.9m.

When the tray lifts up, the top front of the container will go up to 6.5m in height while unloading. This needs to be considered when unloading near/under powerlines and trees or inside factories.

The truck will need clear space in front of the container to drive out from under the container & then manoeuvring space to drive away. This needs to be at least 12 metres for a 20’ container on a rigid truck or 18 metres for a 40’ container on a semitrailer.

The land where the truck parks to unload needs to be relatively level. If the site slopes, the truck can unload if parked facing up or down the slope. If the truck is positioned facing across the slope, as the tray lifts up and the truck starts to drive out from under the container it can jump the side rail of the tray and roll over.

Most transport companies don’t like to take their vehicles off road. If delivery is into an area where the ground isn’t sealed or compacted / hardstand, the driver will inspect the area and make a judgement whether or not to proceed. If the vehicle becomes bogged / stuck you will be liable for the recovery cost. So it’s a good idea to make sure you identify any soft or wet areas, old rubble drains, recently excavated / filled areas etc. then advise the driver of their location. Also have an alternate site to place the container in case the driver won’t go off the compacted surface.

Ship Full of Containers

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Frequently Asked Questions

I just need a small container for my backyard, is this possible?

Yes, Container Options provide a range of sizes in shipping containers. The smallest size is 6ft, which is perfect for household or garden storage. 8ft & 10ft containers are also available for sale & hire.

Are your containers safe for export?

Most certainly! Container Options is a leading, trustworthy company that provides shipping containers which are cargo worthy, safe and of international standards. We also offer export certification for your container.

Will you deliver to my site?

Yes, Container Options delivers directly to you onsite using various self-unloading trucks through our network of contractors. Our delivery is safe and on time without any hassle for the client.

I’m on a tight budget, what options do you have?

Container Options offers new or used containers for sale or for hire to accommodate for small to large budgets, depending on your needs and financial resources.

How do I know if my goods will be safe?

We offer slimline lock boxes, padlocks and anti-tampering high security kits that can be purchased as added accessories for your shipping container. These safety measures will protect your valuables from thieves and bolt cutters. With our lockbox, the padlock is securely hidden within the box, making it very difficult for anyone to remove it and break in.

If I hire a container in Sydney, will you pick it up when I’m done?

Yes, at the start of your hire you will pay for the first month’s hire, delivery and return transport up front, so at the end of the hire you just have to let us know you are ready for your container to be picked up and we can quickly organise the relevant truck to come out to site and remove the container with no extra fees!