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Used Shipping Containers

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Finding a shipping container for sale is easier when you come to the professionals in the industry. Our team of experts can help you find what you need, from transport solutions to storage or mobile office space. The range of available products varies in price and scale but is suited to a selection of personal or commercial needs. When you get new or used, reliable solutions, you can protect your belongings and provide the protection you need. These units also have a large customisable element that gives more room to be suited to your specific needs. 

Durable Materials

These containers are made from durable materials which can withstand harsh weather conditions and are convenient for storage. This is an awesome benefit as it provides a mobile storage space that can be used on-site or as needed. These are perfect solutions for long-haul transport, so using them as storage provides a hardy and effective solution. 

Storage Solution 

Storing belonging in these products protects them from the elements and is often used for long or short-term safety on a working site or private property. These robust designs offer ideal storage solutions that can protect equipment, household items and even vehicles. Whether for business needs or storing items during renovations, these provide excellent solutions that won’t let your items get damaged. 

Mobile Structure

These units can offer cover and customisation for indoor office space or a small home as a mobile structure. Whether short-term or semi-permanent, these make ideal solutions for small section housing and office space. These designs are often used in schools and medical centres. Many elements can be utilised to create an ideal indoor space.

Transport Options

Trucking and shipping goods or personal belongings across the country can be tricky, but having access to reliable container solutions can solve half the issue and make certain your items are being moved in reliable, trusted solutions. 

A shipping container for sale in Sydney is an ideal way to take care of your storage or transport need. Our professional solutions can help you get the solutions you need. Contact us today to find out more about these services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I just need a small container for my backyard, is this possible?

Yes, Container Options provide a range of sizes in shipping containers. The smallest size is 6ft, which is perfect for household or garden storage. 8ft & 10ft containers are also available for sale & hire.

Are your containers safe for export?

Most certainly! Container Options is a leading, trustworthy company that provides shipping containers which are cargo worthy, safe and of international standards. We also offer export certification for your container.

Will you deliver to my site?

Yes, Container Options delivers directly to you onsite using various self-unloading trucks through our network of contractors. Our delivery is safe and on time without any hassle for the client.

I’m on a tight budget, what options do you have?

Container Options offers new or used containers for sale or for hire to accommodate for small to large budgets, depending on your needs and financial resources.

How do I know if my goods will be safe?

We offer slimline lock boxes, padlocks and anti-tampering high security kits that can be purchased as added accessories for your shipping container. These safety measures will protect your valuables from thieves and bolt cutters. With our lockbox, the padlock is securely hidden within the box, making it very difficult for anyone to remove it and break in.

If I hire a container in Sydney, will you pick it up when I’m done?

Yes, at the start of your hire you will pay for the first month’s hire, delivery and return transport up front, so at the end of the hire you just have to let us know you are ready for your container to be picked up and we can quickly organise the relevant truck to come out to site and remove the container with no extra fees!