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Jun 20 2021

If you have just realised that you need a shipping container, but you don’t know what is the perfect size for the items you want to store in it, do not stress out. We are here to help you.

This article will learn all that you need to know about sea container dimensions and how to choose the right one. And those of you who already know what type of shipping unit they need, feel free to contact Container Options and look at our vast offer.

Sizes for ISO Standard Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are built according to ISO standards. A standardised unit of the sort usually has information specified on the identification number, but you can find it on the registration number as well. So, if you decide to visit a shipping container yard, this should be the first thing to look at.

Standard sizes range from 10 to 40 ft. However, some companies also offer 6ft and 8ft containers, which are perfect for smaller shipments, documentation or garden tools. Keep in mind that above mentioned 6, 8, 10 and 40 ft refer to length. And, when it comes to height and width, different manufacturers have different standards.

For instance, Container Options produces a 20 ft container that is 8,6 ft high and 8 ft wide. Of course, these dimensions will be different if you are looking for a hi-cube. The height for this type of container will be 9,6ft. Still, these are external measurements, and to figure out which unit will be the best fit for your property, you should also consider its internal dimensions.

Internal Sea Container Sizes

When you take into account the corrugated ceiling and walls, you will see that most containers have 3 inches less in width and 2 in length from a corrugation. Also, considering floor thickness, the unit will lose 8 inches. To better understand shipping container capacity, you should pay attention to the internal length, width and height, as well as door opening length and height.

In case you are shipping or storing items of a specific size, and every inch matters, you should take these measurements or ask the manufacturer about them before you make your purchase. By talking with Container Options representatives you will be able to receive more information about this and pick a perfect sea container.

The Size Depends on Purpose

Now, before taking measures and assessing container capacity, you should consider what will be the purpose of the item you wish to buy. Are you looking for a unit that can be both storage and workspace? Do you need a new shed or you wish to ship a temperature-sensitive product? The size of your container will depend on the purpose.

In case you are searching for a container to ship goods overseas, you will have to consider the dimensions of your property and calculate how to store them. By doing this, you will get a clear picture of the shipping unit you need. For instance, you may consider 6ft or 8ft bulk if you are shipping medical supplies.

On the other hand, if you wish to transform a container into an office, you will have to consider how much space you need to conduct your work. Do you need certain equipment for that? Maybe just a desk and a chair? Then a 20ft or 40ft unit may be the best fit.

Considering various shipping container sizes, Australia holds a pretty big market for this type of products, and Container Options make sure to meet its highest standards. So, if you wish to purchase a shipping unit of the best quality, do not hesitate to give it a call.

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