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8ft Shipping Container for Sale Sydney

Need a 8ft shipping container in Sydney?

Like the 6ft shipping container, an 8ft shipping container is perfect if you require a storage solution where you need security but space is tight. Because of its size it is also highly portable and can be delivered directly to you. The perfect garden shed or secure toolbox on site!

Custom modifications are available and include the addition of windows, vents, shelving, side-door access, power & lights and insulation. We are also able to offer custom colour paint jobs for your 8ft shipping container.

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8ft Shipping Container Sydney Features

Standout features include: 

  • All steel construction
  • Rugged corrugated steel exterior
  • Marine grade rust resistant paint
  • Secure double locking system
  • Waterproof
  • Internal tiedown points
  • Ability to be customised
  • Secure lockbox
  • Passive vents

This size of container is suitable for the static storage of non-hazardous cargo.

8ft Shipping Container Features

In terms of features and dimensions, an 8ft shipping container is: 

  • 8’ (2435mm) long x 7’2½” (2200 mm) wide x 7’5” (2260 mm) high
  • 0.9 tonne
  • 10.0m³ of internal space
  • Access via full width double doors at one end.

8ft Shipping Container: Delivery Options

You have a number of delivery options when you choose an 8ft shipping container. 

The most important thing to know is that you need to choose a delivery method that suits the access to your site or property.

  • A Tilt tray truck is the most cost effective delivery method, but you do need the space for the truck to drive out after it slides the container into place.
  • Using a HIAB truck – which is a truck with a crane mount on either the front or the rear of the tray, as the crane arm can lift and position the container into place very precisely.

Availability is usually within a few days, dependent upon transport availability.

Our Sydney Shipping Container Services

We are a family-owned and Sydney based shipping container retail and commercial operation offering to supply hire, sale, modification and custom solutions to meet your specific requirements.


We offer an extensive range of shipping containers for hire from 6ft through to 40ft in both standard configuration and specialised variations.


We sell shipping containers, including all commercially available and popular sizes, from 6ft through to 40ft in standard formats and multiple variations.


We have the ability to accessorise & modify shipping containers to your requirements in order to make an ideal solution to a whole range of problems.


We design, manufacture and supply specialised shipping and freight containers suitable for the storage and transport of hazardous and non-hazardous cargo.

Why Container Options for your 8ft Sydney shipping container?

Choose us for your 8ft Sydney shipping container and you get:

  • Honest and reliable advice coming from a combined 70 years of experience in the shipping container industry
  • Fast service and competitive prices
  • Huge range of container size options
  • An established network of trading and supply partners across Australasia, Asia, Europe, and the USA
  • Bespoke service, with the ability to customise/modify your order as required

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Dimensions8’ (2435mm) long x 7’2½” (2200 mm) wide x 7’5” (2260 mm) high
weight0.9 tonne
accessDouble doors, full width one end
transportDelivery to and from your site can be arranged by either of these self unloading vehicles:
HIAB Truck 
availabilityUsually within a few days, dependant upon transport availability