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Dec 22 2021
Shipping Containers with starage

Shipping containers were originally designed and still are manufactured for the transportation of goods around the world. They are constructed to be strong enough to protect the contents from external elements such as wind and rain.

That’s why they are ideal for long or short term storage of all types of goods. We offer containers from mini 6’ up to 40’ highcube containers catering for most needs.

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 When you purchase a shipping container for storage needs, new or used, you invest in a reliable, durable layer of protection. Our units are available through our professional team, boasting high-quality containment options for several needs. These sturdy designs can withstand years of sun and weather without damaging the contents, whether permanent, semi-permanent or even a mobile unit. Used by businesses and private citizens, these units can be easily transported when needed and ready to use on arrival. While a new unit may be costly to many looking for a short-term solution, having a second-hand selection ensures you don’t have to break the bank to keep your goods safe. Read on to find out more, or browse the full range below.


One of the best things about these containers is the ability to move and transport them when needed. They can be easily lifted and even placed on a truck bed, whether placed as semi-permanent storage or used for transporting goods. This ensures you can keep your goods safe and don’t need to unpack storage when moving locations. Whether utilised within the business space or the home property, these units make an ideal external space for storing goods and belongings over time. These can often be seen on construction sites to store equipment or even for homes during renovations, allowing for a large area protected by hard metal covers. 

Durable Material Design

The material used to create these units is a big reason for their reliability. The outer steel shell can withstand a lot of weathering and impact, making it perfect for keeping contents safe and secure. Built with a reinforced structure and the ability to hold many items, these units are the most efficient option for packing and keeping items safe. It is also more cost-effective than renting the space from a yard or unit lot. 

Shipping containers for storage provides a trusted way to keep your items safe and secure. When you invest in the right option, you will get a more cost-effective, accessible and versatile containment option. Look at our available range of units to see which option suits your needs best. Or contact us directly to speak to your professional team. 

Durable shipping conyainer


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