Shipping Containers as Sheds and Workshops

by | Feb 20, 2019

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Shipping Containers as Sheds and Workshops

I need a Shed.

Are you in the same boat as myself? Need a quick, cost effective, secure, portable, relatively inexpensive, customisable, modified and the list goes on, shed or workshop? Look no further! Let me introduce you to the shipping container! Essentially giant lego blocks, shipping containers have been increasingly utilised by many people and industries to fulfil the needs listed above. Check out our container sheds! Have a look down below for some real inhouse uses and projects that we have previously worked on with our clients.

How does Container Options use their Shipping Containers?

Machinery – We use one of our containers to store some of our machinery and bits and pieces. Its fitted with shelving, lights, PowerPoints, a roller door and a ramp. Check it out!

Multipurpose – We use another one of our 40’ highcube as a tool shed/fuel/paint storage all in one! We have fitted extra doors, vents, bunded floors, electrics and water in order to achieve an incredibly versatile shed. Here it is!

Workshop – The two containers above are both used to support our awning that forms our workshop. On each side we have electrical fit outs and water, so the boys are able to use power tools and washout containers.

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Two other Great Workshops and Sheds!

The Dobroyd Aquatic Club – The Dobroyd Aquatic Club need a cost-effective way to store their club & privately owned member’s sailboats. We ended up using two 40’ highcube shipping containers up alongside each other. The middle walls were cut out and two roller doors placed on the frontside with flashing running along the gap between the two containers. It turned out to be perfect for their situation!

Adjacent house shed – One of our clients had recently built his home and had realised that the garage wasn’t big enough for all of his little projects. He reached out to Container Options and got exactly what he was looking for. A repurposed 20’ container outfitted with an electric roller door, sliding window and cover, a personnel door frame (to fit to his garage) and a set of ramps to roll his vehicles in and out. He was ecstatic with the results!

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