The 40ft shipping container is a great storage and shipping solution available for sale. Our units are shipped directly from the manufacturer to our Sydney depot, making them easily accessible for you. The containers will have some scuffing due to transportation, but their durable outer shell ensures that any scratch will be purely aesthetic. These versatile units can be utilised in several ways, from transport to storage and even mobile office conversions. Read on or browse our full range of products online.

Storing Products Or Goods

These units, commonly used for on-site short- and long-term storage, can be placed on a bed and maintained as a secure containment option. Due to their tremendous capacity, these containers can even be fitted with shelves and ventilated to quickly turn into stores for non-perishable goods. The sturdy design allows longevity and protection from the elements, giving you peace of mind that the unit’s contents will be kept in good condition. In addition, their robust construction makes them hard to break into, creating a secure space that can keep your belongings protected at all times. Bought as it, these make a brilliant storage solution for any setting.

Refrigeration Options

These units can also be converted into cold rooms for storing perishable items. This can be a fantastic investment for fresh-produce businesses that keep their stock controlled and frozen. Or even for people living in far-out areas that need a larger refrigeration unit, that is also more cost-effective than industrial options. These cold rooms can be used at fixed locations or placed on flatbed trucks for goods transportation. This cold room unit can also be powered according to your preferences.

Transport Options 

These sizes are ideal for many common transport options, making it easy to lift and place on a truck bed and move where needed. This ease and accessibility ensure you can get the unit where it is needed and ensure your belonging arrive in good condition.

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40’ (12100mm) long x 8″ (2440 mm) wide x 8’6” (2591 mm) high


4.0 tonne


Double doors, full width one end


Delivery to and from your site can be arranged by either of these self unloading vehicles:

  • HIAB Truck
  • Tiltray
  • Sideloader


Usually within a few days, dependant upon transport availability

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Frequently Asked Questions

I just need a small container for my backyard, is this possible?

Yes, Container Options provide a range of sizes in shipping containers. The smallest size is 6ft, which is perfect for household or garden storage. 8ft & 10ft containers are also available for sale & hire.

Are your containers safe for export?

Most certainly! Container Options is a leading, trustworthy company that provides shipping containers which are cargo worthy, safe and of international standards. We also offer export certification for your container.

Will you deliver to my site?

Yes, Container Options delivers directly to you onsite using various self-unloading trucks through our network of contractors. Our delivery is safe and on time without any hassle for the client.

I’m on a tight budget, what options do you have?

Container Options offers new or used containers for sale or for hire to accommodate for small to large budgets, depending on your needs and financial resources.

How do I know if my goods will be safe?

We offer slimline lock boxes, padlocks and anti-tampering high security kits that can be purchased as added accessories for your shipping container. These safety measures will protect your valuables from thieves and bolt cutters. With our lockbox, the padlock is securely hidden within the box, making it very difficult for anyone to remove it and break in.

If I hire a container in Sydney, will you pick it up when I’m done?

Yes, at the start of your hire you will pay for the first month’s hire, delivery and return transport up front, so at the end of the hire you just have to let us know you are ready for your container to be picked up and we can quickly organise the relevant truck to come out to site and remove the container with no extra fees!