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May 20 2021

Nowadays you have plenty of options to create a workspace that will be practical and stylish at affordable rates. An excellent example of that is the usage of shipping containers for that purpose. Modern architecture and interior design offer so many ideas when it comes to the adaptation of these spaces into offices. No matter if you are looking for a simple workspace on a construction site or a more complex one, using a shipping container for your office is an investment that will pay off.

Our company manufactures various models of bulks that can be transformed into office, shed or any type of storage space, so you don’t have to look further.

Benefits of Shipping Container Office

First, let’s look at this issue from a practical side. Shipping containers can endure extreme weather conditions. With regular treatments to prevent rust and corrosion, they can last for many years, and your office amenities are protected from rain or snow. Also, you can start using them right away because they are modified and adapted into a workspace before they are delivered to your site.

Shipping containers are a perfect solution for offices on construction sites. Since they are firm and resistant, you and your employees will be safer in this type of construction. Plus, you will have a quiet space to deal with important documents and paperwork.

Besides that, containers are mobile. So, once you finish with one project, you can move your office to another site. That way you will not have to constantly rent and remodel a new office space to be close to the construction site.

Workspace Modifications

Another important trait of container offices is that they are highly customisable. Depending on the size and model, you can add a restroom, kitchen, build in countertops and desks, and install windows, additional doors and air conditioners. With a carefully created design, you can turn a shipping container into an amazing workspace.

Solutions for Limited Space

The great thing about some container models is that they can be adjusted to fit in places where other types of portable offices wouldn’t. This is an ideal solution for limited spaces. For instance, you could place a 20ft container in between existing buildings or within some larger warehouses.

Also, a 40ft one can be adapted into two small offices. That way you can maximise the usage of space without adding more units. You can upgrade this double office with a small restroom and that way improve the comfort level of employees as well.

Multi-Container Office

If you need more than two offices, you might consider some more complex container constructions. For example, you could create a 2-store workspace where you may have offices on the upper level, while lower can be also used for storage or even an employee break room. This will not only maximise the limited space but also minimise construction costs. It is a great solution for organisations like the army, oil and building companies.

Storage and Office Combined

In case your business requires you to have an office near your storage space, you can use shipping containers and combine two. You can purchase a 40ft container and request for one half to be insulated and secured so you can store your product or supplies. Meanwhile, the other half can be transformed into a spacious office with air conditioners and other equipment you need to conduct your work.

The best thing about each of these solutions is that, even with all modifications, it will cost you less than building everything from scratch. To understand all of the workspace possibilities you may have with the shipping container, we suggest you contact Container Options. You will receive information about prices, manufacturing and modifications, and get a clear picture about this subject.

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