What Can A 10ft Container Be Used For

by | May 16, 2022

A 10ft container can be used for several functions, with standard dimensions and often for sale at cost-effective rates. More than just storage space, these units can be converted, extended and integrated to create a more dynamic or multi-use area. These versatile products give you a stable and secure storage unit or can be made into the ideal office or even fresh-produce storage facility with some additions. Read on to find out more about these brilliant product options.

Open Office

For some applications, a 10-foot shipping container office might be too small, but it’s the ideal size to use limited space or add cost-effective additions to existing rooms. An office conversion comes with all the modern amenities, coupled with the durable, portable, and easy to place structure of the container. In addition, this product range creates a private and professional workspace where a single person can settle. These can often be seen within larger warehouse spaces where management may need standalone office sections.

Telecom Shelters

A unit like this can also be preloaded with racks and HVAC, making a fast substitute for concrete Base Transceiver Station huts. The information transmitted between calls, texts, and internet searches travels from cell towers to cabling and switch rooms that form a communications grid. Tucked beneath each cell tower is equipment for processing and routing this essential information. This equipment is often simply fenced in, but sometimes it needs additional security and weather protection to ensure the network’s longevity.

RTU Monitoring Units

There are currently various shipping units like these holding oil pipeline monitoring equipment, called remote terminal units, worldwide. Instead of constructing an instrument building from cinder blocks for each unit, an expensive and time-consuming process, energy companies can drop off and plug in a 10-foot solution that houses equipment and sets up in hours.

Dock Level Storage For Warehouses

Warehouse managers must be cautious and careful about how they use square footage within their usually limited space. For example, a 10-foot container can sit on a warehouse dock without site prep, taking up only 80 square feet. With a door, windows and add-on installations, they become a comfortable and usable indoor space.

A 10ft shipping container has the ideal dimensions to be used for a number of functions. From storage units to office space, the sale of these products ensures you have semi-permanent indoor space to use at all times. Contact us to find out more.