The Ultimate Guide to Modified Shipping Containers

by | Jul 21, 2021

If you are looking for a place to store some personal belongings, whether it is furniture, books, or any gadgets from your home or office, modified shipping containers are a great solution. They are made of stainless steel and are very durable, so they can withstand extreme weather conditions and you can be sure that your goods will come out of these containers the same you left them.

There is an option to buy or rent one of these storages and that depends on your preferences. 

Shipping containers can be customised to meet your needs from indoor and outdoor settings. Here are some features that modified shipping containers can include. 


Side Door Access 

This is one of the services that can be adjusted as per request. There are a variety of doors that can be installed if you wish. The extra can be flush with the container walls or positioned the way you require. A common choice is glass sliding doors and that is usually for container homes. Inside containers, roller doors or roller shutters are perfect. Vehicles or when used as a workshop will have easier access. Hereafter side doors with double and single openings that are ideal for use as accommodation or sheds.


Spinning Roof Vent 

Ventilation is always useful for shipping containers, especially in areas with excessive heat, foul odours, condensation and humidity, actually, it is highly recommendable and people often request vents in these cases. The whirlybird spinning vents or rotating vents can be placed anywhere on the cargo containers roofline. There are also different sized wall vents that sit flush with the container walls when installed. Important note – they are all waterproof.


Window and Security Screen

Many people often rent or buy these containers for offices, storerooms or lodging, therefore it is necessary to add some extra lighting and ventilation. Any of the container walls can be fitted with a choice of windows. Also, for this type of usage, security is very important, accordingly, there can be set up security screens, bars, or lockable steel covering flaps for enhanced security. 


Shelving For Shipping Containers

One of the reasons why people rent shipping containers is because they need additional storage or storerooms. By using shelving it enables you to use the space up to maximum. They are adjustable height and wooden shelves. They come in different materials, but the wooden ones are the most popular and it looks great for most purposes.


Lock Box 

When it comes to safety, we cannot forget lock boxes. All of the containers have a built-in capacity that allows them to be padlocked. Unfortunately, the padlock can be easily taken off due to its exposure. That’s why there is a lock box (two-part locking system) in which one component is connected to each door and the other part overlaps after the doors are closed, allowing the container to be padlocked while also shielding the lock from bolt cutters.


High-Security Locks 

Let’s talk a little bit more about security. Everyone wants their personal belongings to stay safe and secure, and there is a way to ensure that. These locks with a high level of security are designed exclusively for use with the lock boxes. There is a vertical pin that readily pulls up through the door’s locking lug, allowing quick and easy locking and unlocking. Each one of these locks comes with four keys. And then you are all set!

If you are wondering which type of container to choose or want some additional features, you can contact shipping container professionals and get a quick and high-class service. There is a wide range of colours and if you want power and light installation as well – nothing easier.