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Oct 15 2021

Shipping containers are the best way to store and ship your personal belongings whether it’s furniture, books, tools or almost anything you can think of.

These containers are designed to preserve your cargo the best possible way, but it won’t harm you if you put in a little more effort, so you can assure secure storage in your shipping container.

If you want to make sure that your goods are transported safely to the desired location here are some ideas on how you can take care of that.

1. Lock Box

The exteriors of shipping containers are very strong, they are made from strong steel, and it protects the cargo from damage. But when it comes to burglars, the doors are not safe enough. That’s why a lockbox is a good solution to this problem.

This is an anti-vandal lock that is implemented into cargo doors of the shipping container to the fence and has a purpose to protect your padlock.

Lately, lockboxes have become so popular that it is inevitable to find a shipping container without them. The lockbox ensures that the padlock is accessible only from the inside, so it cannot be repealed.

2. Shipping Containers Padlocks

There are two types of shipping container padlocks, the CISA container padlock and the Squire padlock, both of them are great options.

CISA Container Padlocks

These padlocks are made from solid steel with a nickel-painted treatment. Their anti-cut and anti-drill resistant structure make it difficult for thieves to access. CISA padlocks are known as the industry standard and top-ranked padlock choice for shipping containers. If you have multiple containers, you can have one key for all of them. This is a good option for self-storage yards, where this padlock can be individually keyed with a master key option.

Squire Stronghold Container Padlocks 

Squire padlocks are insurance-rated, drill resistant, and anti-cut. If you use an insurance-rated padlock with a Lock Box, it is easier to add the cargo of your shipping container to any insurance policy that already covers that area.

Shipping Container Security Alarms 

Another way of improving shipping container restraint is a security alarm. This is ideal for remote locations and to level up your container’s security. It has a long-life battery-powered GSM system with an integral keypad motion, sensor and siren. The system is very easy to install, and it was created for small, enclosed areas such as shipping containers.

3. Additional Shipping Container Restraints

In case that these measures are not enough, for even more safety measures, here are some tips.

Hinge protection

The idea is that if someone armed comes to cut the hinges of a shipping container, a system allows the doors to drop and jam, and also be held in one place.

Additional Locking Mechanisms

Adding two different locking systems would make it harder for a thief to overcome two different mechanisms.

More Lock Boxes 

Lockboxes should be put in places where it is hard to reach, so even the extremely armed burglars would feel helpless.

Also, when you think about shipping containers, don’t forget location, discretion, CCV, and lightning.

Why is location so important? 

When it comes to high-value goods, try to avoid remote locations that are often exposed to thieves.


The advantage of storing things in shipping containers is the nondescript exterior. Any logos or branding should be avoided, because it draws attention, especially if you store something valuable.


Installing security cameras can also be a good solution. There are shipping container utility poles or domino clamps that can be used to attach the security or lighting.


In addition to the security of your shipping container are self-contained motion sensor lights. They will keep any unwanted visitors from approaching your cargo.

We hope that the above-mentioned shipping container restraints are enough and that you will select the right one for your personal belongings.

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