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May 15 2022

When it comes to storage solutions for your personal belongings, safety, convenience, and flexibility are all important factors to consider. Thankfully, with a shipping container lease from Container Options, you’re given everything you need to have complete peace of mind that your belongings will be in the same condition when your lease ends.

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Why Leasing Is A Superior Choice Over Buying 

The convenience of leasing a shipping container is evident in the various benefits it brings for both personal and business-related storage needs. So whether you need to store an overflow of furniture or need an onsite solution for easy access to filing and business records, you can truly find efficiency in leasing. But why is it a superior choice over buying?

Firstly, buying a shipping container means you need to have a consistent need for it. Otherwise, you risk leaving your investment unused for long periods of time while still having to continue maintenance and upkeep, so it generally becomes a financial liability rather than anything beneficial to you.

Other reasons you should consider leasing include:

  • Flexibility – leasing allows you to extend as your needs grow or simply complete the lease period without any further commitment. In addition, leasing a shipping container allows for temporary solutions when you are not interested in investing in permanent storage structures.
  • Cost efficiency – if you’re not prepared to make a significant down-payment on a shipping container, leasing is a far more cost-effective option. In addition, you have more opportunities to find the best rates rather than spending time bargaining on sale prices that are simply out of your financial reach.
  • Security – on-site containers allow for consistent monitoring so you can rest assured your belongings are safe.
  • Versatility – shipping containers are a versatile storage solution that can assist as your storage needs change. While buying also gives you this benefit, leasing is a preferred option for those who don’t have long-term storage needs.

Simply put, leasing a shipping container gives you the legroom you need to make your short term, or long term storage needs as convenient and accessible as possible.

So, if you’re looking for the best place to lease a shipping container in Australia, look no further than Container Solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our units and request a quote!

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