Bulkers, Sidedoor Containers, Half-Heights, Waste Containers, Tautliner Containers

Bulker Containers

Bulker Containers are built for the transportation of agricultural and industrial goods such as grains, sugar, salt and even ammonium nitrate by road, rail, and sea. They are often reused once decommissioned as highcube and pallet wide general storage containers as standard second-hand units are rarely available for sale. Generally bulkers are highcube (9’6 tall) and palletwide (slightly wider than a standard to accommodate two CHEP pallets side by side) and they come equipped with 3 roof hatches for the loading of goods, a large hatch in the bottom of the front wall for the complete discharge of goods and 1 or 2 hatches in the door for relieving pressure or releasing a small amount of goods for sampling. Most bulkers are designed with a steel floor. They are available in 20ft.

Palletwide Containers

Palletwide Containers are slightly wider than a standard container to accommodate two CHEP pallets side by side. They have primarily been used for the transportation of palletised goods via rail. Once decommissioned they are often reused highcube and pallet wide general storage containers as standard second-hand units are rarely available for sale. Depending on the model of container these containers can be hard to deliver or pickup by tilt tray due to their design features (wider base). They come with either a wood or steel floor. They are available in 20ft, 40ft, general purpose (8’6 tall) and highcube (9’6 tall).

Sidedoor Containers

Sidedoor or Side Opening Containers are exactly what they sound like! In addition to the usual end doors that are on all containers, sidedoor containers come with bifold doors on one or both sides of the container which allows extra ease of access and a wider range of uses compared to a standard container making the sidedoor container perfect for loading and storing bulk cargo. They also find extensive use as workshops and pop-up retail stores. They are available in 20ft, 40ft, general purpose (8’6 tall) and highcube (9’6 tall)

Half-Height Containers:

Half-Height Containers are self-explanatory to a degree, they are shorter than standard containers and often roughly half the height. Why, you ask? Because they are designed for the transportation of high density and heavy weight materials such as concretes, sand, ores, and other mined products. The reinforced structure and low centre of gravity allows for the safe transportation of these products without deforming the container. They have removable hard lids, reinforced superstructure and they allow for fast discharge of the loaded contents by removing the lid or opening the doors and tipping the container. They are available in 20ft.

Waste Containers

Waste containers share a similar purpose to that of half-heights, waste containers are used for the easy transportation of high volumes of municipal waste by road, rail, or sea. They often feature similar designs but are usually full-sized as the weight inside is less. They are available in 20ft and 40ft.

Tautliner Container

Tautliner or Curtainside containers are designed for use on road and rail to transport pallets and other oversized cargo that requires the full side of a container to be opened. These are containers are palletwide with steel floors, have openable curtains on both sides of the container and often come equipped hanging gates/posts and less commonly come with a mezzanine deck to allow for more pallet space. Restraint points are found on the bottom side rails and are recessed into the floor. Tautliners are available in both 40ft and 20ft. They are somewhat rare and difficult to find nowadays as they have slowly been replaced by sidedoor containers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I just need a small container for my backyard, is this possible?

Yes, Container Options provide a range of sizes in shipping containers. The smallest size is 6ft, which is perfect for household or garden storage. 8ft & 10ft containers are also available for sale & hire.

Are your containers safe for export?

Most certainly! Container Options is a leading, trustworthy company that provides shipping containers which are cargo worthy, safe and of international standards. We also offer export certification for your container.

Will you deliver to my site?

Yes, Container Options delivers directly to you onsite using various self-unloading trucks through our network of contractors. Our delivery is safe and on time without any hassle for the client.

I’m on a tight budget, what options do you have?

Container Options offers new or used containers for sale or for hire to accommodate for small to large budgets, depending on your needs and financial resources.

How do I know if my goods will be safe?

We offer slimline lock boxes, padlocks and anti-tampering high security kits that can be purchased as added accessories for your shipping container. These safety measures will protect your valuables from thieves and bolt cutters. With our lockbox, the padlock is securely hidden within the box, making it very difficult for anyone to remove it and break in.

If I hire a container in Sydney, will you pick it up when I’m done?

Yes, at the start of your hire you will pay for the first month’s hire, delivery and return transport up front, so at the end of the hire you just have to let us know you are ready for your container to be picked up and we can quickly organise the relevant truck to come out to site and remove the container with no extra fees!