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Mar 20 2021

If you are thinking about getting a new storage space, you might build a highly resistant metal shed. However, you may find it easier to purchase a shipping container instead. You will realise there are many advantages to each option. Still, if you have some doubts or you just can’t make up your mind, the information we provided below may be helpful. Here, we will introduce the characteristics of shipping containers and metal sheds, and hopefully, help you make the best solution for your storage.

Metal Shed 

Metal sheds come with benefits regarding price and durability. However, before you start constructing one in your yard, you should learn more about this type of storage space. So, let’s take a look at the three most important characteristics for this type of shed:

Endurance and longevity

A good thing about a metal shed is that it’s really durable. It will not be affected by heavy rains or extreme summer heat as much, and it is easy to maintain. Still, since it is prone to corrosion and rust, you should regularly inspect it. With proper maintenance, the lifespan of this construction can be pretty long. Depending on the type of the shed, they can last over 10 years, and in some cases even more than two decades.


Building any type of shed requires systematic preparation of the ground, usage of quality materials and the right tools. It might get complicated if you try to do it alone, so it is better to hire a professional. Keep in mind that metal is not easy to modify, so even installation of a window can take a while. In any case, this is not an instant solution.

Affordability and Mobility

A metal shed is definitely one of the cheapest storage solutions. Since they do not require high maintenance, you will save more than you would with wooden construction. Considering mobility, moving this construction depends on the base you make for it. If you make sure that the base is easily removable, you will be able to relocate it wherever you want.

Shipping Containers 

Shipping containers are popular storage solutions for decades now. That is not only because they are practical. These containers come with other advantages as well. To help you get a clear picture of this storage option we will use the same categories as we did for the metal shed:

Endurance and longevity

All shipping containers are made to endure extreme conditions of overseas travels. That makes them some of the most durable constructions on the planet. With proper care, they can last more than 30 years. Since they are also prone to rust, you will have to regularly check their corners, roof and metal rods on the door.


Now, the construction of shipping containers is something you will not have to worry about at all. This is a job for licensed manufacturers and all you will need to do is to check the product before purchase. Of course, you can ask for modifications, such as repainting, adding lights, vents and other things you need for your storage space.

Affordability and Mobility

The price of containers will depend on whether the item you are buying is new or used. In both cases, shipping containers can be a more affordable option in comparison to other storage solutions.

One of their greatest advantages is that you can easily move them from one place to the other. Most of the containers usually have a light base, so if you are looking for mobile storage, this is an ideal option.

What is the Best Solution?

The answer to this question depends on multiple factors. When you want a small storage unit, both of the above-mentioned solutions will be okay. Yet, if you decide to expand it, the quicker and simpler solution will be to add another container.

Additionally, when you compare the characteristics we have enlisted, you may find that with a metal shed you might gain less. Though they are pretty affordable, unless they are built with a mobile base, you will not be able to relocate them. Besides that, a shipping container is ready to use from the moment it is delivered to your address. Still, the choice is completely yours.

Container Options is a Sydney-based company that can present you with some of the highest-quality shipping containers on the market and help you choose your perfect storage unit. In case you are ready to order one or have additional questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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