Shipping Container Hire Sydney

One of our most requested services is shipping container hire. Reasons for that lay in multiple ways they can be used – from being a temporary workshop to storage for furniture, bikes and other unnecessary household items. If you are looking for a premium container hire in Sydney, look no further.

Our company offers a production, supplying and renting of different sorts of tanks and bulks for various purposes. When it comes to hiring containers, our primary goal is to provide you with a service that meets all quality and safety standards. That is why we carefully examine each of our renting items.

Whatever the period of hiring is, we make sure our containers are well maintained and in good condition. So, if you need additional storage space or a short-term job site, we stand at your service.

Wast Choice of Hiring Containers

Shipping containers for hire are one of many treasures our company holds. Here you will find a rich selection of products suitable for different purposes. Their dimensions range from 6ft to 40ft, and each of them is built of the highest quality materials.

You can choose a simple shipping container to store toys your children no longer play with or a hi-cube for an old armoire and other tall furniture. If you are running a food business, you can rent an insulated container to store your groceries. Bitumen tanks are perfect for workshops. And, in case you are hiring for shipping purposes, there are also those with open side and open-top, which are perfect for larger cargo.

Depending on the usage, you can also request modifications such as installing lights or shelves or adding a security lock. And these aren’t the only changes that can be made. In case you have some special demands, we suggest you get in touch with our representatives. All you need to do is contact us via phone or make a special note while filling out the online form.

Short Term and Long Term Hire

When renting a container, you should determine how long you will be needing it. For example, if this will be your job site, you will most likely rent it for 6 months or longer. However, the decision will depend on your needs and plans. You might find that hiring for two months is a more fitting time frame.

Whatever the case, you will find our containers available for both long and short-term renting. Still, have in mind that the minimum hire period is one month and that rates are on a sliding scale that goes from monthly to 12+ months.

To get additional details, you can always contact our customer service. Our representatives will answer all of your questions about the hiring period and other rent-related conditions. If you aren’t sure which container will serve your purpose the best, they will be more than pleased to provide you with suggestions.

Rent Your Shipping Container in Sydney Today

Whether you are shipping your products overseas or looking for a way to best preserve sensitive material, our containers are at your disposal. If you need our services for just a month or you are looking for long term storage, feel free to contact us at any time. Our working hours are from 6:30 am to 4:00 pm, and we are closed during weekends.

Still, don’t let that keep you from filling out the form on our website or sending us an email. We will send you a response as soon as possible and provide you with the hiring container that is most suitable for your purpose and meets all of your requirements.

Length Width Height  
Container Size Exterior Interior Exterior Interior Door Opening Exterior Interior Door Opening Cubic Capacity Approx. empty weight in KG's
6ft 1825 1670 1945 1875 1865 1920 1730 1620 5.45 600
8ft 2435 2280 2200 2100 2090 2260 2150 1950 9.95 900
10ft 2980 2830 2438 2350 2330 2591 2385 2285 16 1250
10ft Hi Cube 2980 2830 2438 2350 2330 2891 2685 2585 18 1350
20ft Standard 6058 5880 2438 2350 2330 2591 2385 2285 33.1 2100-2400
20ft Hi Cube 6058 5880 2438 2350 2330 2891 2685 2585 37.4 2300-2600
20ft Palletwide Hi Cube 6058 5880 2500 2420 2400 2891 2685 2585 38.8 2550-2850
40ft Standard 12192 12015 2438 2350 2330 2591 2385 2285 67.7 3500-4000
40ft Hi Cube 12192 12015 2438 2350 2330 2896 2685 2585 76.2 3700-4200
40ft Palletwide Hi Cube 12192 12015 2500 2420 2400 2896 2685 2585 78.8 3800-4400