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We stock most sizes and types including the popular 10ft (3m) 20ft (6m) and 40ft (12m) lengths, with a range of container grades to suit your budget. Choose from 

  • ‘A’ Grade if you want a high-quality, neat & tidy used shipping container perfect for long term storage of items such as furniture, office archives, books, modification work & the transportation of products and materials.
  • ‘B’ Grade or Refurbished for a good-quality, neat & tidy used shipping container ideal for use as garden sheds, tools & machinery/vehicle storage, on worksites, modification work and the long-term storage of personal effects.
  • ‘C’ Grade or Wind & Watertight if you need a weatherproof & functional container. This grade of container will suit people who are budget conscious and just want something suitable to keep the weather off their belongings or perhaps need to transport various goods & products around in a secure way.
  • Straight out of Stack (SOOS) is a container straight out of the stack. SOOS will suit those who are either willing to do work on the container themselves or just want something economical & functional. They are generally used for a shorter period of time than ‘C’ Grades.

You can read more about our shipping container grades on our blog.

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Shipping Container for Sale Sydney: Size Options

These three sizes are the most popular secondhand shipping containers we sell in Sydney. Browse their features to help you clarify which is best for your needs.

10ft Shipping Container for Sale Sydney

The 10ft shipping container is great for areas where 20ft will not fit.

20ft Shipping Container for Sale Sydney

The 20ft shipping container is a great robust shipping container for all general purposes.

40ft Shipping Container for Sale Sydney

The 40ft shipping container is a popular storage and shipping solution.

You can also learn more about the dimensions, capacity and weight of our container range by consulting our dedicated page – so you can hire the right container for your needs.

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  • Wide range of container hire size options
  • An established network of trading and supply partners across Australasia, Asia, Europe, and the USA
  • Bespoke service, with the ability to customise/modify your order as required

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