By, Container Options Team
Jan 29 2024

Aussies love a good deal, and when it comes to buying shipping containers, finding the right balance of quality, affordability, and service can feel like wrangling a rogue quokka. That’s where Container Options gallops in, mate! We’re not just container vendors; we’re your container confidantes, ready to guide you through the steel jungle and land you the perfect box for your needs.

Pros of Buying Shipping Containers

But why, you ask, should you choose Container Options over the dingo in the next paddock? Buckle up because we’re about to unpack a whole swag of reasons:

  1. Quality that Makes Your Corrugated Chums Blush:

Our containers must be built for a quick trip across the harbour and a rusty retirement. We deal in titans of the shipping world, constructed with weatherproof steel that laughs in the face of the Aussie sun and salty breezes. Whether you’re storing priceless antiques or your grandma’s secret sauce recipe, these bad boys will keep your goods safe and sound. Plus, we offer spankin’ new beauties and seasoned veterans, each meticulously inspected and certified to meet the strictest international standards. You choose the vintage – we guarantee the quality.

  1. Affordable Options for Every Budget:

Let’s face it: only some people need a brand-new palace for their possessions. That’s why Container Options caters to every Aussie’s financial compass. We have a kaleidoscope of sizes and styles, from petite 10-footers for backyard tool havens to 40-foot giants that can swallow your entire workshop (and still ask for more). And for budget-conscious souls, our pre-loved containers offer incredible value without compromising structural integrity. Think of them as seasoned adventurers, ready for another chapter in your story.

  1. More Than Just Storage: Unleash Your Inner Architect:

Shipping containers aren’t just steel boxes; they’re blank canvases for your wildest dreams. Imagine transforming one into a pop-up bar with fairy lights and vintage vibes or a cosy coffee shop with exposed steel walls and steaming lattes. Need a mobile art gallery to showcase your masterpieces? We’ve got the perfect high-cube container for that. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination (and maybe a few building codes, but we’ll help you navigate those, too!).

  1. Service that Makes You Feel Like a VIP:

Buying a container shouldn’t feel like wrestling a feral wombat. At Container Options, we’re all about making the process as smooth as a Shuba stroll. Our friendly team of container connoisseurs will answer every question, from choosing the right size to understanding delivery options and navigating paperwork. We ensure your container journey is stress-free experience.

  1. Speed and Efficiency: From Browsing to Box in a Blink:

We know Aussies prefer to do their stuff immediately. That’s why we offer a streamlined process that gets your container to you faster than a roo on Red Bull. From browsing our extensive online selection to delivery and on-site placement, we’ll have your steel sanctuary up and running quickly. No more dusty warehouses or endless construction delays – just instant gratification for your storage needs.

  1. Sustainability that Makes Your Eco-Heart Sing:

Let’s remember the green side of things. By buying shipping containers, you’re giving these sturdy giants a second lease on life, keeping them out of landfills and reducing the need for new materials. It’s a win for your wallet, belongings, and Mother Nature, too – talk about a triple threat!


So, there you have it, mate. Here’s a whole swag of reasons why Container Options is your one-stop shop for shipping containers. We’re not just sellers but partners in your storage saga, workspace revolution, and creative odyssey. Browse our steel kingdom, find the perfect box to unleash your potential, and experience the difference of Container Options. Remember, life’s too short for leaky sheds and cramped garages – unlock the steel advantage and let your dreams take flight!

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