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Mar 01 2023

Flat rack containers are hugely beneficial across several different industries. They are a specifically designed type of flat-base shipping container with no walls. They come in various sizes and are used to transport oversized or bulky items. These versatile options ensure that you can cater to your needs at all times.

Whether leasing or buying, these are valuable assets to use for your day-to-day operations. Learn more about how you can integrate these into your business for improved productivity.

Transports Large Equipment

These durable units are ideal for transporting large machinery or equipment that cannot fit in standard shipping containers. They are designed to carry heavy industrial machinery, equipment, pipes, and construction materials. The flat base allows for easy loading and unloading of cargo with a crane, forklift, or other lifting equipment.

Shipping Oversized Cargo

If you need to ship oversized cargo, these buying and rental options are the perfect solution. They are designed to carry large cargo that cannot fit in standard unit designs. This range of products comes in different sizes to fit your cargo needs. The flat base and no side walls allow for easy loading and unloading of cargo, making it easy to transport oversized items across long distances.

Stores Bulkier Items

They can also be used for storage purposes. They can store bulky items such as boats, cars, or industrial equipment. The flat base allows for easy use and the containers can be stacked on top of each other to maximise space in storage yards or warehouses.

Build Customised Structures

These resilient units can also be used to construct bespoke structures. They can be modified into homes, offices, or other structures. With their flat base and no side walls, it is easy to cut and shape them to fit your desired design. The design and material used are also durable as well as weather-resistant, making them an ideal building material for these units.

Transports Perishables

These units can be used to transport perishable items that need ventilation or refrigeration. Flat rack containers with collapsible sides and end walls can be customised to suit your needs directly and create an ideal environment for your shipping or stored goods. They can be modified with temperature control units to ensure that the cargo is transported at the desired temperature.

Flat rack containers are the ideal practical solution for all your transportation, storage, and building needs. They are highly durable, extremely weather-resistant, and customisable to your business. To learn more about our offering, contact us today to find the perfect support for your business.

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