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Jun 10 2021

While you were looking for the perfect shipping unit for your product, you probably heard about open-top containers. If you didn’t know if they would serve your purpose or not, maybe you decided to discard them. However, you are still wondering what they are and how to use them? Well, you are at the right place to find all of the answers!

What Is an Open-Top Shipping Container?

Open-top containers are units with removable roofs (tops). They are perfect for goods that are too high to fit into standard bulks and need to be loaded vertically to transport them safely. Loading of these containers is usually done via large cranes and the unloading is much easier than if you were to use a conventional shipping unit.

What Are Open-Top Shipping Containers Used For?

Open-top containers are mostly used to store timber and scrap metal, sometimes even heavy machinery and its attachments. Aside from large items, they are also utilised for recycling products and waste removal.

Different types of cargo can be shipped or stored in these containers. For example, you can use them for raw mining materials, construction supplies, cables and cable spools, tools, pipes and much more. To put it simply, open-top containers are a great choice for any sort of large and bulky item.

The Most Common Sizes for Open-Top Containers

Since these containers are used for tall and heavy cargo, they are usually made as 20ft and 40ft units. However, some companies may provide you with a customised product. Just keep in mind that it will probably cost you more.

Soft and Hard-Top Containers

The removable roof on this type of container can be made in two variants – soft and hard. The soft top is a common solution for shipping mechanisation and other bulky objects. It is a tarpaulin cover and every open-top container has it. It can be made oversized if your cargo is taller than the standard height of your shipping unit. Still, no matter the size, you will have to lash them tightly to avoid damages.

Hard-top containers have a steel roof instead of a tarpaulin. This top can be removed if the cargo is taller than the bulk. Since it takes more time and material to produce it, many companies will go for the soft top solution. Still, containers with removable steel roof will make your product more secure.

Open-Top Containers With Removable Door Header

Today, almost every open-top container includes a removable header above the door. This is a bar that allows clear access to the unit while loading cargo by forklift. A removable door header might not be necessary for you. It is a feature that most container manufacturers add by special request.

Hi-Cube Open-Top Shipping Containers

Though the usual height for open-top containers is 8,6 ft, there are some hi-cube versions available on the market. These are a great choice if your cargo is taller than the standard shipping unit size. Hi-cube open-top containers are highly specialised products, which means you will not find them as easily as standard units.

How to Transport an Open-Top Container?

Once they are loaded, open-top containers may be transported via crane. They need to be carefully lifted to avoid damages and that is something that should be done with specialised gear. The best way to do this is by making sure that chains are lifting it vertically. This will reduce the risk of collapsing and prevent potential safety hazards.

If you already know everything there is about open-top containers and you are looking for someone to produce for you this useful product, we suggest getting in touch with Container Options representatives. They will guide you through their outstanding offer and help you find the product that suits you the most.

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