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Jan 20 2021

There is no doubt that shipping containers are the safest way to transport different products overseas. Still, this is not an easy process as you might think. It can be overwhelming just thinking about the aspects of shipping you will have to cover, plus it requires a complex organisation.

Yes, it will take a lot of smart logistics to send a container across the globe. However, before you start with that, you should properly prepare your container to ensure that all the items inside of it will arrive unharmed to the final destination. To help you with that, we will explain some of the crucial phases in shipping container preparation and transportation.


If you are sending temperature-sensitive merchandise across the sea the first thing you will have to check is whether there is insulation in your container or not. This is very important because it will keep your products safe at optimal temperatures along the way. We all know that sensitive items can be severely damaged if suddenly exposed to either heat or cold. This is something that can easily happen during an overseas journey. However, with good insulation, you can be sure that your items will arrive at the desired destination in perfect condition. Whether you are shipping food, pharmaceutical products, fabrics, or even furniture you can be sure it will not spoil or start rotting. Because of that, before you start loading, you should insulate your container.

Rust Treatment

To ensure your shipping container will serve you properly, you have to check for rust. Whether you find it on the outside or the inside, you should give it the proper treatment. This way, the metal will not get brittle and easy to break. After the rust treatment, you will not have to worry about moisture getting through to your items. Also, this will stop rust staining materials and fabrics placed against container walls.

The journey across the sea can take weeks, even months, and during this period your container will be exposed to water. Because of that protecting it from rust is of the utmost importance. If you would like to learn more about rust protection or the water resilience of our containers, do not hesitate to contact us. Our professionals will answer all of your questions and help you learn how to protect your unit from deterioration.

Safety Measures

Once you have insulated and protected your container from rust, you should also make safety checks. Inspect it thoroughly to make sure your products or possessions will be safe from moisture or breakages. You should also ensure everything is airtight and with no possibility to be bashed around.

Using plastic or metal welding equipment to seal your container will make it as secure as it can get. This is especially important if you are shipping some sensitive items that can easily break or spill.


The mentioned stages are crucial if you want to secure your cargo during a long overseas journey. Still, you should take a good look at the container and check if the rest of the space meets its purpose. Do you need additional shelves? Is the ventilation necessary? These are just some of the questions that you should ask yourself. And, answers depend on the specific nature of your product.

In case you are not sure what kind of container will be the best solution for your product, we suggest you give us a call. We will be glad to provide you with information about the containers in our catalogue. And, if you already have one of our containers and you need some modifications, we will take care of that as well.

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