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Aug 10 2021

If you are looking to purchase a container to either transport or store your goods, among other things you will have to think about ventilation. This is a pretty important issue no matter if you are using the shipping unit to send some product overseas or to keep your garden tools in it.

Now, if you purchased a container without a proper ventilation system, you might have a problem. To help you resolve it, in the following lines we will help you understand why this is important, what are the effects of airtight shipping units and how to ventilate them.

What Happens If There is No Ventilation in Your Container?

As mentioned earlier, to preserve your goods you will need a system that creates natural airflow. This is especially true if you have to store your items for longer periods. So, if there is no proper ventilation in your container, you will be facing some of the following issues:

1. Heat Building Up

Since units like shipping containers are made of steel, you have to keep in mind that this material absorbs heat. Moreover, they can become extremely warm when directly exposed to the sunlight. And, if they do not have systems that can reduce the temperature, your product may be severely damaged. Furthermore, if you are storing flammable substances like petroleum or other fuel oils, high temperatures can even lead to an explosion.

2. Condensation

Condensation is one of the most common occurrences whenever there is a big fluctuation between night and daytime temperatures. It will appear against the inside walls of the container. If this kind of moisture is constantly present in your unit, it can damage or destroy anything from food and furniture to electronics.

3. Fumes

Another issue with airtight containers is that there is not enough space for poisonous fumes to exit. So, if you are using this sort of unit as a workspace you might be severely affected by them. Also, since there is no way to minimise odours, the products you store will not smell good once you open the container.

4. Mould

Mould is a side effect of condensation and constant exposure to moisture combined with high temperatures. It will destroy any type of fabric, food or paper you might have stored, so it is of the utmost importance to prevent it.

5. Rust

Another side effect of moisture is rust. It will corrupt any type of metal if you do not treat it on time, and further cause cracks and holes in your properties or container itself.

Choosing Right Type Of Shipping Container Vents

To make sure you avoid the above-mentioned problems you will have to hire a professional to install a ventilation system that fits your unit. And, you can choose either a fixed louvre, exhaust fan or roof turbine vent.

Every one of these features will work well. Still, you will have to figure out how much space will be around the container and which type of vent would provide the airflow your items need inside it. For instance, a rooftop ventilation system will extract the fumes. On the other hand, fixed louvres can be added wherever you need them and help you control the airflow as much as possible. Exhaust fans are similar to the rooftop vents, yet smaller and can be installed wherever you find them necessary.

Other Ways To Ventilate Shipping Container

Though the ventilation system installation is one of the best solutions to create the airflow you need in your container, there are also some other options. For instance, you can use portable dehumidifiers or fixed air conditioning and heating pumps. If you go for the fixed version, have in mind that you will also need a professional to install them. And if you are looking for someone to help you with a ventilation system installation, the Container Options team is at your disposal.

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