Export Certificate

What is CSC certification and how can you acquire CSC certification?

CSC stands for Convention for Safe Containers, a set of important international safety standards upheld throughout the global supply chain to ensure that containers incorporate design requirements, functionality requirements and measurements of capacity, weight, & resistance to forces that containers regularly experience when at sea, on rail or truck in order to keep workers & cargo as safe as possible. Valid CSC plates are an ongoing assurance of a container’s quality & safety compliance. They also display the container’s:

  • Prefix & number
  • Max gross weight
  • Allowable stacking weight
  • Racking test load
  • Where its CSC was approved & when it was manufactured

The general guidelines for CSC certification are as follows:

  • The roof & walls of the container should be in weatherproof condition
  • Doors open and close with ease
  • The floor is structurally sound and intact
  • No moisture inside the container
  • Attached CSC plate
  • No objects inside the container

So how do you acquire CSC certification for your container? Here at Container Options we can provide the CSC certification for any valid container. We will survey the container, spot any faults, correct them & then issue the CSC. Easy as that. But first you’ll have to have a container & we can help you with that!

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