Container Sheds Sydney

Instead of building a shed, many people nowadays will purchase a container for the same purpose, which proved to be an easier and more practical solution. If you are scouting to incorporate such items in your Sydney property, we stand at your disposal.
We are a company specialised in designing, manufacturing and transportation of different types of containers. Through decades of constant development and growth, we have perfected our trading and created a network of loyal partners and customers. Our mission is to provide the best service in the shipping container industry and present innovations that have a positive effect on everyday life and business as well.
Our offer will certainly be interesting for those of you who are looking for the best storage options. We have multiple options for container shed designs and our team is always ready to make adjustments to make them compatible with your requests and wishes.

Building and Modifying Container Sheds

Purchasing our product means you will be involved in the designing process. You will have the option to choose the colour of the container, type of doors and windows, number of shelves and all other items that will turn it into your perfect shed.
While placing your order, you will have to choose the type of product you want and you will be able to enlist all of the modifications you find necessary. Once you get our confirmation, we provide you with optimal design and start building once we get your approval. Though it might seem like this type of manufacturing takes a lot of time, we can assure you that the container shed you purchased will be delivered on time. Of course, before we make a delivery, we thoroughly examine our product to confirm that it has been made according to quality standards and safe to use.
In case you find that you would rather purchase a ready-made container shed, our offer also incorporates various types of used products.

Experienced Container Shed Designers

The aspect of our service we take great pride in is the work of our ISO container designers. Their knowledge and experience make every design adaptable to the wishes of even the most demanding clients. The unique approach to work they take made our service stand out among others in this branch of industry and form long-lasting partnerships.
When it comes to container shed construction, they take into consideration many details. They inspect everything from scenery to where is the best way to place a spinning roof vent, and how to install lights. Nothing is left to chance.
Whether you are buying one of our used containers or you made a reservation for a freshly manufactured shed, we guarantee our team will provide you with service of the highest quality and in a reasonable price range. Do not hesitate to contact us and get some valuable insights into our building process or make additional requests.

Get Your Container Shed Today

It doesn’t matter if you need a space to store old furniture, gardening tools or construction material, our container sheds are built for all of those purposes. And if you are ready to make a purchase, feel free to contact us at any time.
You can get in touch by filling out an online form or calling one of the numbers you may find on our website. Our representatives will respond to you quickly and provide you with all the necessary information about service, products and prices. They will note all of the details you provide (from your name and location to your special requests) and schedule a delivery for the date that suits you the most.

Length Width Height  
Container Size Exterior Interior Exterior Interior Door Opening Exterior Interior Door Opening Cubic Capacity Approx. empty weight in KG's
6ft 1825 1670 1945 1875 1865 1920 1730 1620 5.45 600
8ft 2435 2280 2200 2100 2090 2260 2150 1950 9.95 900
10ft 2980 2830 2438 2350 2330 2591 2385 2285 16 1250
10ft Hi Cube 2980 2830 2438 2350 2330 2891 2685 2585 18 1350
20ft Standard 6058 5880 2438 2350 2330 2591 2385 2285 33.1 2100-2400
20ft Hi Cube 6058 5880 2438 2350 2330 2891 2685 2585 37.4 2300-2600
20ft Palletwide Hi Cube 6058 5880 2500 2420 2400 2891 2685 2585 38.8 2550-2850
40ft Standard 12192 12015 2438 2350 2330 2591 2385 2285 67.7 3500-4000
40ft Hi Cube 12192 12015 2438 2350 2330 2896 2685 2585 76.2 3700-4200
40ft Palletwide Hi Cube 12192 12015 2500 2420 2400 2896 2685 2585 78.8 3800-4400