20ft Hi Cube Palletwide Sidedoor Shipping Container

20ft Hi Cube Palletwide Sidedoor Shipping Container for Hire Sydney

The 20ft Hi Cube Palletwide Sidedoor shipping container great for side loading.

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20’ (6058mm) long x 8'2½" (2500 mm) wide x 9’6” (2891 mm) high - 300mm higher than standard
Weight 3.2 tonne
Access Double doors, full width one end + full length right side
Feature The full length sidewall doors on both sides can be opened one after the other, allowing 1, 2, 3 or 4 doors to be open. First door to open is the centre right. The units have steel floors, & are 2 Chep/Loscon pallets wide internally (approx. 2410mm wide inside) you can fit 10 pallet on the floor. There are no end doors
Condition Cosmetically tidy, fully waterproof + fitted with Lockbox (protects padlocks from bolt cutter removal)
Minimum hire period 1 month or part thereof
Hire rates Rates are on a sliding scale; monthly, 1-6 months, 6-12 months, 12+ months
Transport Delivery to and from your site can be arranged by either of these self unloading vehicles:
HIAB Truck 
Availability Usually within a few days, dependant upon transport availability
Terms Hire for balance of current month plus return freight on delivery
Hire is charged monthly in advance thereafter

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