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We are leading experts in all aspects of shipping containers, both in manufacture and supply. Our standard new build containers are outlined below and include small 6ft containers perfect for storage solutions for motorbikes, garden equipment as well as many other uses. Our containers continue through to 40ft with varying modifications available across most sizes. Options include colour, ventilation, refrigeration, power and lights, windows and doors and high security locks. We can cater to just about any need and design specialised containers for unique purposes.

6ft Shipping Container

8ft Shipping Container

10ft Shipping Container

20ft Shipping Container

20ft Sidedoor Shipping Container

20ft Hi Cube Shipping Container

20ft Hi Cube Sidedoor

40ft Shipping Container

40ft Hi Cube Shipping Container

40ft Hi Cube Sidedoor

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Chipping Norton NSW 2170

Phone: 02 9723 6004

Mobile: 0416 066 162

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